Sunday, October 9, 2011

17 weeks.

Not a whole lot has changed over here. Still REALLY into cheese sauce with jalapenos. I love Mexican food! I love cookies. Homemade cookies from Sweet Jill's to be exact. They have a really good pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting... I ate that on Thursday and have been craving another slice since! I recently started liking an old childhood favorite cereal as well... cinnamon Life! SO GOOD! And lastly, my favorite drink is cranberry juice! SO SO SO YUMMY!

I haven't gained any weight yet. I'm so busy running after Jake and going on walks with Brady, that I haven't gained anything yet. I am starting to get a belly though. I didn't really start gaining weight with Jake until about half way into my pregnancy. For the most part I eat and exercise and live a pretty healthy lifestyle. I remember that towards the end is when I gained most of my weight.

This past week I had a few nights of heartburn. Tums are now officially next to my night stand. DARN IT! I'm also not sleeping great. I get up around 2ish and think about everything... and nothing. Last night I slept great though!

 Last night we headed out for a much needed date night. Grant took me to dinner at LA Live and then we went to the Keith Urban concert. I danced the entire time! I only sat during one of his slow songs and drank water. This was my 6th time seeing Keith. He's so awesome!!! Anyhow, Grant and I had so much fun talking, dancing, and being together. I'm a lucky little lady. Love my boys!
 Here are a few pictures from the concert. We had great seats! Baby #2 was moving quite a bit. He's already a country fan as well! ;)

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