Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stone Chic Sunday Obsessions

Good morning family/friends!

Hope you all remembered the time change today! I have been up pretty early getting laundry done and packing for Jake's and my trip to visit my family in Idaho tomorrow! So, it's been busy here already!

  • This week I'm obsessed with bananas and oatmeal. Simple, right? It's super easy and he LOVES it. I take about 2 tablespoons of oatmeal (organic), mix it with about 1 oz of breast milk, and it's done. Instead of buying premade bananas or the oatmeal with bananas in it, I just take a banana (organic), mash it with a fork, add a little breast milk... and there you have it... breakfast! I combine the two and he just goes to town. He loves breakfast! 

  • I'm not a big advocate for sitting children in front of the television. But, with Jake on the go I can't leave him in a bouncer, swing, or on anything while I'm in the shower. I lay him in his crib with a few teething toys and put on the following DVD. I'm only in the shower for 15 minutes so he's not in there watching Calm Baby for long. Half the time he's playing with his pacifier while he's in his crib. But, the music relaxes him. Sometimes, he'll fall asleep while I'm in the shower because he gets so relaxed. Then when I get out of the shower I put his floor gym down and we can get ready together! When he had tummy pains early on I could put this on and rock him to sleep. It's calming music. They also have a CD and sometimes I just have that on in the background. 
  • Last obsession this week is actually my husbands obsession. The Jura - Capresso machine. The obsession started after our last trip to Oklahoma City to visit my brother/sister in law. They made us coffee/espressos and Grant fell in love with it. He talked about it for months... I finally I ended up buying this particular model below for Christmas. I can't lie though... I love making lattes with it. And now, I have become the barista in the house. I like to make my own latte! I've always been a Starbucks snob, but sometimes I don't even like theirs. I start out with a cup... sometimes 2 a day! Thanks OKC Stones for one of our obsessions! ;)

Hope you all have a nice Sunday! The time change will definitely call for another latte... thinking around late afternoon!


  1. My lil guy LOVES bananas!!! We are having such a heard time getting him to eat right now!! UHHGGG... He just wants to play ! id like a latte please!

  2. i wish my 1yo would go back to eating bananas. she goes through her phases. this week she does NOT like them. i used to have such a terrible time pumping enough milk to put in cereal (with my first daughter) so i ended up using formula to mix in it. sometimes TV is extremely helpful and necessary for sanity!

    i'm jealous of that coffee machine... mmm, lattes!

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