Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stone Chic Sunday Obsessions

The last couple of weeks have been busy for Jakey poo and I. We have been in Boise, Idaho for the past 2 weeks... and we ended up staying a week longer because my precious angel got sick. I wasn't going to fly with a sick baby... if I didn't have to. Now, I'm sick. Jake hadn't been sick until now. I guess I was fortunate to at least get him to 6 months old. Apparently allergy season hit late up here in Boise. Coming from California and our mild weather it shocked our systems. And the one thing that Jake got from me was my allergies. We both got secondary infections. But, we are both finally on the mend. We come back to Southern California next Wednesday. I will make sure to get back to blogging then!

Until then... Here are my must haves for this week!
  • With the stuffy, running noses I purchased the following item. At first I thought they were lame, but I heard some good things about them. I thought it's better to use something soft and with saline then a tissue or bibs. They seem to really work. Jake doesn't really care for them. But, they work and do the trick for now.
  • Even though I have a diaper bag, I wanted to get something that is even more like a purse. A purse big enough so I can look stylish and also carry all of Jake's needs. I found one. Grant gave it to me for Christmas. It was also perfect for the trip we just took. I was able to carry my things as well as his for our 2 1/2 hour flight. 
Happy Sunday everyone! Blog more soon.

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  1. Love Boogie Wipes! My daughter prefers them to tissues!



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