Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Road trip #3

Over the weekend Grant and I took our third road trip as a family of 3. Seems like we are constantly on the go lately. I so look forward to our weekends away. Grant works so much and travels often so we are doing little weekends away when we can. California is an amazing state, right? We start out at the beach (where we live) and ended in the mountains skiing. Just awesome.

I have never been to Mammoth, so needless to say I was SUPER excited. Growing up we always went to Big Bear or Arrowhead. I was a figure skater growing up. So, I spent most weekends at the training center in Arrowhead. Mammoth is so different though. Both beautiful places.

Grant and I went up on Friday late morning and just relaxed. We unpacked and then went back out to explore the city. We went to eat and checked out the lodge. After that we went to the grocery store to stock up on food and wine. Yep, wine people. That night we didn't want to do anything. We ordered pizza, opened a bottle of wine, put a movie on, and did nothing! It was amazing! Jake fell asleep early, so we put the monitor on him in the bedroom and enjoyed our time together.

The next day Grant's cousin Amanda flew into town. After she arrived we went to the lodge, got ski equipment, and went to lunch! Vacation = food. :) Anyhow, the next day Grant and Amanda skied, while Jake and I played inside. It was really snowing. In fact, I heard the wind the entire night howling. When I woke up, I opened the window and thought we were snowed in. Amanda (who's originally from Pennsylvania) laughed at me. She called it a "snow flurry". Oh, California girls. So, they left, and I turned the heater on and drank a mocha. ha ha.

We all had a blast. What a relaxing weekend!! That night we drove back. I'm so glad we went. I'm excited to go back... and next time snow board!

Here are some pictures from our trip!
Jake woke up, and Grant went in the room to comfort him. Jake knows to look at the monitor when he wakes up. Too smart! This image made me laugh. Had to take a picture! Priceless. 
On the pod heading to the lodge.
Beautiful babes.
It had just stopped snowing for a second. And Jake was asleep for the picture.
My boozy baby

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  1. Looked like you guys had a wonderful time!!! Sooo beautiful!! My little guy has the same outfit! The Yellow and blue one!!! Great minds think alike!!


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