Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pop pop and Ya ya

Now that I have a baby I often wonder what it would be like to see him grow old and have a family of his own. Why jump that far ahead... not sure. But, none the less... I have.

After my parents arrived I asked them how they feel about being grandparents. My dads answer was the following:

"I'm having a hard time. You are my baby. My baby had a baby. Having a hard time because I still picture you as my child. My baby. And now your a mother"

I almost cried. I will always be daddies little girl. But, I did grow up. I have my own family now.

My father through out the weekend did something that even shocked my mother. He was a VERY active father growing up. My memories of my father ranged from barbecuing, swimming in our back yard, sports, family dinners at the dinning room table every night, etc. But, my mom recalls my father being some what nervous when we were little. Nervous that he could drop us or not be able to stop us from crying. Mainly when we were newborns. My father was also 20 when he had me and 22 when my brother Marty was born. Can you blame him then? Personally, I didn't even change my first diaper until my son was born... and I was 29! Anyhow, to my amaze... my father held Jake the majority of the time. Every morning he would walk in my room to check on the little guy. Any time the little guy made noise my dad would jump up and ask to hold him. It warmed my heart. He was able to calm him down quite easily. He probably held him more than anyone else that was here. They formed a bond. Jake would see my father walk into the room and light up. It was amazing.

When my father left he told me he was going to miss us... but, mainly Jake. He called me from his connection flight just to tell me he missed J. I was all choked up. Again, I'm sad we live far. I wish my dad could see Jake more often. But, I'm lucky we get together as often as we do.

I took a few pictures of my little guy and his grandpa:

YA YA (Grandma in Greek)
My momma. Was awesome. She made pretty much all our meals and slept in my bed with me. Every time my mom visits I try to suck in all the information she tells me about Jake. We gave Jake rice cereal for the first time in his bottle! How nice would it be if I could just drive over when I need a break or just have her come over to show me what to do? My mom was so happy to be spending Christmas with us back in California again. She had said that she just wanted to spend as much time with Jake as she could. Knowing how fast we all grow it makes her sad to leave. When I talked to my mom on NYE she said that she missed Jake so very much. I'm pretty sure my parents miss my little man more than me.

Most the pictures with my parents they aren't looking at the camera... They are too busy looking, hugging, and kissing on J. :)

Jake getting a bath by 3 of his grandmas! Grandma Spellman, Grandmother Stone, and Great Grandmother Hodges.



  1. Nice post. Family is so important.

  2. Yeah I know how important family is. I am lucky my parents and my parents in law leave close to us and believe me I feel blessed for that!


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