Sunday, January 30, 2011

21 weeks continued...

This was a fun week. Monday I went to my college sorority house to meet the girls. I am the new PR Advisor for the house. They are an amazing group of girls that I can't wait to get to know. This week I also realized how old I actually am. 30 is a big number, isn't it? YIKES. Anyhow, while Monday night meeting was going on... I looked at the girls calendars and was wondering when we were going to go over the dates (like we used to do... take out our clip boards and write in the info)... well much to my amaze they don't do that anymore. Why? Because dates and events are emailed to the girls... The reminders are sent to the entire house by the president or girls in office. That's when I realized... I'm old. We didn't have email addresses... I had a college email address that I barely used. We just started using cell phones then. Facebook... what the heck was that? My junior year Myspace and AOL instant messenger were becoming popular. Too funny. We are so "connected" now. Makes me wonder if we are too connected?

Tuesday late afternoon Grant needed to speak at a meeting in San Diego (impromptu) so he asked if I wanted to go down with him. I called my friend Julie to see if she could watch the house and she agreed... So, without planning I grabbed a bag of things that Jake would need and a few things in case we spent the night and we jumped on the road. It was so fun! We carpooled down and got there in an hour and a half. Not bad for leaving at 5pm! Grant made it on time and went to speak. I went shopping. Then when Grant was done we went to dinner. Grant had an early morning but we thought it would be better if we just got up and went around 5 am. It was a pretty far drive down so we didn't know how Jake would do driving back that late, so we made the decision to stay the night. We went to dinner at 8:30pm and thought there would be no problems with the time and Jake. Not taking into consideration he hadn't taken a very long nap, and  the long drive down... Jake became fussy. I took out the bottle and asked the waiter for hot water. I started heating the bottle up... Jake was now officially screaming... time was now 8:45pm. Bottle was ready, but he was fussing with the bottle. He was crying and choking on the bottle. So, Grant shot me a look. Hooter hider out... baby now on me. Grant asked the waiter to pack up our food and paid the waiter. By the time the food hit the table 9pm Jake was fast asleep. We decided to open the take out boxes, ordered a beer and let Jake sleep on us while we ate. Then we went to our hotel and watched TV till we fell asleep. It ended up being such a fun spontaneous trip! And Jake did so well considering the long drive with no naps. We have learned that we don't go to restaurants past 8pm. ha ha.

The rest of the week was cleaning and playing with Jake. The weekend was so fun! Grant, Jake and I went on a date Saturday night. We went to a new Mediterranean restaurant. It was yummy! I also started back rice cereal for Jake last night. I first started rice cereal on December 28th (J was 3 1/2 months), then after seeing the doctor for his baby well check up (4 month appointment) I was advised to stop until he is 6 months so that he doesn't develop allergies. But, after the last week of waking every 2-3 hours I decided to start again. Jake will be 5 months on Feb 1st. Last night Jake slept 5 hours before waking for the next feeding and then slept another 4 hours. Poor little man was probably starving. Tonight I will try and give him the cereal via spoon. I bought a tray for his Bumbo chair so he can sit up with us! I can't wait to see how that goes!

Hope you all had a great weekend... Here are some more pictures of our little muffin:
Hat I bought in San Diego. Super cute!
Fills my heart with joy!
He grabs the bottle on his own!
Back to the rice cereal!
Super Jakey!


  1. no clipboards & calendars? say it ain't so! i still have (and use) my clipboard!
    glad you got involved with Phi Kappa! very cool :)

  2. Heather, they still have clipboards and calendars... but, they don't write everything down in order. They get email reminders! If we didn't write it down, then we didn't know unless our friends were also attending! Too funny. :)

  3. I think the rice cereal will help him sleep much better. Our pediatrician has the babies start at 4 months, but only with a spoon, not through a bottle (to avoid choking). I'm surprised he didn't sleep the whole time in the car? Thankfully, Addison has always been a car-napper, even now! Glad you guys had a fun quick getaway!


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