Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas card photo

Now that I have sent out my Christmas cards I can post a few more pictures from our newborn photo shoot. I waited to post these until after our cards went out. On Wednesday we had 3 month pictures taken and will post those soon. He did great! Some pictures were Christmas related and some were just regular photos! I can't wait to see how they turned out. My little man is growing so fast!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season as much as me! 
Our family. Thankful to have these boys in my life.
Little hunter like his daddy!
Father and son
Daddy, mommy, and baby
Our angel

Now it's time to Christmas shop online! Send me your favorite websites to shop through!

Love and cheers,


  1. Mama Bargains! (for all the baby stuff)

  2. OMG that first picture is the best family picture I have EVER seen. gorgeous.

  3. I love the father son picture. Oh goodness... SO SWEET!!! You have a beautiful family.

    I always check, Christmas season or not. There aren't always specific deals that I'm looking for, but whenever I do find a good deal, it's always super good!

  4. great shots!
    by the way, before you shop at any of these fabulous sites online, be sure to sign up for Ebates ( and get cash back for every purchase.

    you know i'm legit, so i'm not recommending some shady business!! Ebates is cool--when you link through them to the site you wanna buy from. they automatically credit you a percentage of your purchase and then send you the money.
    i buy so much online anyway, i might as well get paid for doing it!
    love you, can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

  5. Beautiful photos. Oh my gosh - just amazing. So unique & precious!


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