Monday, December 6, 2010


As a mother I feel like no one can do my job like me. I know what sounds my baby is making and for what reasons, I know the schedule he is on, and so on... Well, I would like to talk about last night.

Last night Jake was very fussy. I was pretty tired and trying to rock him to calm him down and put him to sleep. Being tired I was sitting in bed doing the rocking. Grant got out of bed and asked for Jake. At first I told Grant to go to bed (since he was getting up at 4:30am to get to a case), but he said insisted. The next thing I knew Jake went from crying to sound asleep. I was pretty amazed. Usually I'm the one that can console our little angel. This time it was Grant. Grant told me to get some rest and laid with Jake and then put him to bed. I woke up this morning to feed and change him around 3:45am. Grant woke up to check on us and we were both happy that Jake had been asleep as long as he had. 

Daddies touch? I think so. I'm the type of mom that picks up my little one and takes care of it without relying on anyone since I'm always with him during the day. Grant knowing that I don't like to ask for help will just jump in and take his little monkey! Grant is a great father. He loves Jake and I so much. What a good feeling to have someone love you that much. Even though he had to get up he saw how tired I was and helped. Jake passed out the moment Grant took him and started rocking him. Grants shushing, talking, and rocking did the trick. I had the biggest smile and had lots of love in my heart! 

Its funny when you become a mom all that matters is your little ones happiness. If Jake isn't feeling well or just simply wants to play I don't leave the house. Even if I want to work out, shop, get nails done, etc. I'd rather spend that time with Jake. Once Grant gets home from work I know Jake is in great hands and then I'm more likely to leave. My favorite is when we all go together though! And when we all go to eat Grant makes sure I'm eating and will hold Jake if he wakes and is fussy. On Sunday we went to our favorite cafe for breakfast and when I was walking to the restroom the owner pulled me aside to say, "how does it feel to be adored"? I stopped for a second and had to think about what she was talking about... then I sat back down and Grant put his arm around me and kissed me. I immediately knew what she was talking about... She had mentioned to me the last time I was there that it's refreshing to see a young couple in love. I kissed my gorgeous husband back and said a little prayer thanking God for my life. :)

Anyhow, I don't mean to go on and on about my husband... but, with some dads that don't help or participate I feel blessed to have a husband that can't wait to hold his son... and can't wait to make sure his wife is happy. Thank you Grant for all you do for us.
Mini Grant
Jake loves his daddy.


  1. What a great post! Kudos!
    Husbands (& daddies) don't get enough credit. I have to tell you, I am blessed as you are with the most amazing husband and daddy. I tell him everyday how incredible he is with our daughter and how he treats me. I read this and it truly does match my life word for word. What a happy feeling! It is just an amazing thing to have that kind of love... I feel so sorry for my friends who do not have this or do not have husbands that participate with taking care of their own child! All I can say is, those men are missing out big time.
    I feel like you, that I am the luckiest woman in the world & I could never be someone that runs out the door and leaves thwir baby with their husband so they can get away. We usually go everywhere together- that is when I am truly happy.

  2. I can't wait to see Jason with our little guy. I know he will amaze me in ways i never knew possible :) Great post Brooke!


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