Monday, May 3, 2010

Ellen DeGeneres Show!

My friend Kelley called me a few weeks ago and invited me to go with her to the Ellen DeGeneres show for expecting mothers! Its there Mother's Day show! I am SO excited! Kelley is due on May 11, so we're hoping Stella doesn't make her appearance until after the show! haha. Thank you Kelley for thinking of me! Here's the bio on what the show will entail!

mother's day show
It's Ellen's annual Mother's Day show! The entire audience will be filled with expectant moms who have no idea what to expect from Ellen! She has all the best gifts and giveaways that will leave them breathless! If any of the fathers need some tips, DENNIS QUAID will have them. He helped his wife through her pregnancy with their twin babies, and now the adorable kids are two years old. He'll have the cutest stories about them that the moms will love! Then, the Grammy-winning MICHAEL BOLTON will have a special Mother's Day gift for us. He'll sing his new single from his upcoming CD, "One World One Love" -- a song he wrote with the incredibly popular Lady Gaga! And this week another contestant was voted off "American Idol" and will stop by to sing one last song. Ellen has paramedics standing by in case someone gives birth to the very first Ellen Show baby!


  1. I L-O-V-E Ellen!! She's such a wonderful human :) That will be so amazing...lucky mommas! I bet you'll walk away with tons of great baby gear!

  2. VERY cool!!! I already have my TiVo set!!! Try to get a good seat where the camera is on you a lot...or just try to get on stage! :) Hope you two get lots of goodies!!!!

  3. i'm going to go crazy! Hopefully I'll get on stage or at least dance with Ellen! That would be awesome! :) Thanks for the comments ladies! Hope your all doing well! xo

  4. So Lucky! I filled out the form to go, but no call:( Have a blast!

  5. Oh my goodness, you are so lucky! You're going to get so much stuff!! Maybe I should time my next pregnancy so I can go to the 2011 show! :)


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