Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Registering for Jake.

I'm so confused and overwhelmed with trying to figure out where to register. I have narrowed down my decision to the following:

Babies R Us
Baby and Child: Restoration Hardware

What are your thoughts or must haves?

Might have found another baby nursery as well (click on to enlarge):



  1. Definitely register at Babies R Us because they have practically everything and it will be easier for people to shop there... heck, people will probably shop there even if you don't register there, so you might as well tell them what you want! But if you like items at both places, register at both... nothing wrong with that.

  2. I agree, Babies R Us is fabulous for all your basic baby needs. I SUPER DUPER HEART Restoration Hardware's children's line. I had Kynlee's bedding custom made, but bought her rug there and everything they have is super cute! I don't think you can go wrong with either one! So fun!!

  3. Definitely B R Us and maybe even Target??? A lot of people don't have a B R Us near them, and if they are old school and want to go into the store, Target may be more accessible. Another tip that I didn't hear until after we spent WAY to much money buying an entire bedding set. You NEVER use the quilt! Of course it is your 1st baby so if you are like me, you will get it anyway. Honestly, unless you hang it on the wall, you will put it on the crib until the baby gets there, and then you won't use it. They don't sleep on it, and they aren't supposed to have blankets on their bed, so it's a total waste. About 4 of my friends have told me that NOW, but no one told me before I had her. Have fun and just register for what you want. Most people will end up getting you stuff that they like and you may have to buy it on your own anyhow. B R Us has a great list of things that you might want to register for. I literally went through the whole list for one of my friends because a lot of it is uneccessary, but with your first baby, it's fun to register for EVERYTHING! =)


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