Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family is everything.

My mom is the best (of course we all feel this way)... But, I feel so lucky to have my momma! My mom is thoughtful, caring (caring about all of us before herself on a regular basis), loving, affectionate, strong, patient, and God loving. I can only pray I'm as good as a mother as she is to my brothers and I.  I have been reflecting a lot lately about my life and where I come from... Wondering, "Am I going to be as good mom as mine was?" I call my mom on a daily basis and freak out about the little things... her response: "Honey, once the baby is born your natural instincts will kick in and you'll do a great job." That was all I needed to hear to feel at ease. I guess part of my stress is that my family doesn't live in Southern California anymore, and that I can't just drive home for help or have my mom drive over in a moments notice. Idaho is about a day and a half away... 16-18 hrs non-stop. I know this after my road trip with my brother and his wife in October. I am lucky however to have Grant. He is very hands on and will be a great father... so I wont be alone in this process... again I feel relieved. :)

Why my parents are amazing? For so many reasons! My parents have been married for 30 years. My mom and dad met when my mom was 17, and my Dad was 20 in 1979. My parents met, and 3 months later where engaged. My mom and dad got a shock of a lifetime when they found out my mom was expecting me while they were engaged and my parents were SO young. Did that stop them? NOPE. My mom and dad decided that they would marry sooner than planned. My parents got married February 15, 1980 (My grandfathers birthday), and I arrived in September of the same year. My parents never made excuses for being young... They worked hard and taught us that family is everything. We will remain close and be there for each other because that is the only way to treat family. My mom and dad were young, but wise beyond their years! My mom and dad welcomed my first brother 17 months after me... and 21 years after that... Dylan came along (none of us where planned as you can see... but, it was in God's plan of course)! My parents are hard working, dedicated, loving, proud, and loyal. All the qualities I will carry on in my new family I am creating. I thank my parents every day for there hard work and for our strong family values. I was raised in such an amazing home. Thank you Mom and Dad for your continued support and love for Grant, and I. I love you guys! xo

Not only did I have amazing parents, but I had the most amazing grandparents as well. My grandma and grandpa were pretty much another set of parents for my brothers and I. Since my parents were young my grandparents were a huge part of growth of our family. My grandfather passed away in 2006, so he never Grant... but, I talk about him on a regular basis! My grandma is in Idaho with my parents now and we continue to talk daily as well. Love you grandma... see you in June! :)

When I was in Idaho about a month ago, my Mom greeted me with a few articles of clothing... of course everything preppy for our baby! I love the American flag Ralph Lauren! So cute! My Mom is throwing me a family shower this June in Idaho! Can't wait to see my family again! This time I'll be seeing cousins as well!

Guess being pregnant I have lots of emotions... I love blogging through this process... I plan on turning my blog into a book at the end of the year! 

Thank you to all that follow our blog! 



  1. Awesome post, Brooke! It is so nice to see that there are people in the world that have parents with such a strong relationship with one another. My parents have also been married for more than 30 years. Nowadays, people are lucky to even have married parents. It is such a blessing! I was lucky enough to be up in Whittier until a month before Addison was born (when Carlos got home from Nevada), so I don't have the experience of not having my mom there while pregnant, but I definitely know how it is now. Granted we are only 2hrs away, but it's really different than having them in the same town, especially if they are the only person you trust to babysit! Lol! You will definitely snap into motherhood the second Jake is born. Before Addison, I had only been around baby boys, and was clueless about girls. Once she was born, it was obvious that I was meant to have a girl. God knows what he is doing when he gives you children. He never gives you anything that you can't handle. Just when you think that you are about to break down, something in you turns you into Supermom, and you can handle anything. Having a supportive (and active) husband is so important, and definitely a blessing as well! Having a good mom (and grandma) is the foundation for being a good mom yourself! Brooke, you will do great!

  2. You are an amazing woman and will be a fantastic mother. Love and Faith from your family and friends will always bring you through. You have inspired me to be a better mom, thank you for that. Big hugs to an wonderful friend!!

  3. you do have such a great family, and you are a lucky woman to know that! i loved spending time with your grandmother at the wedding, she was awesome.
    i wish i could say that whenever you need me, i'd be right over, after raising my baby brother & sister and being the main caretaker for my newborn nephew and toddler niece...but now i'm gonna be so far away!
    i can't wait when i visit and get to meet baby Jake!

  4. You are too cute. You're gonna be an awesome mommy. Don't even sweat it. :D


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