Friday, October 9, 2015

32.5 weeks // Countdown to our baby girl // Bumpdate

My first two pregnancies were so easy. I guess I just assumed that this one would be too. And for the most part it is. I literally never sit. I'm either running around at schools, doing things for the boys, or organizing the house, etc. Mainly it's running after and caring for the boys. Even though they are so amazingly helpful, they still ask a lot from mom. Food, activities, play dates, and so on.

My body is simply tired. Then at night... A little munchkin may join me and wake me up for the night. Or... the bathroom trips don't help. So.... where I may have been able to sit down for a second and close my eyes, it's non stop until bedtime.

I have irritable uterus. So, I get a large contraction that doesn't let up until I lay down. It's very painful. But, it also means I'm pushing myself too much. They usually happen at night. But, pending on the heat or what I've been up to, even early afternoon. On my last visit to the OB (last Friday), they did a fetal fibronectin test. To read more about that click on the following site: Fetal Fibronectin Test. It basically tests to see if I'm starting the process of labor. My test came back negative. Which means I tested negative on lining thinning, and I should be in the clear for the next 2 weeks. I'm no longer able to bathe the boys, and when I feel the pain coming on, I have to go lay down. My nighttime routine consists of laying around. Which is very difficult for me. I have figured out games and coloring actives I can do with the boys next to me laying down. Grant is super amazing, and such a good daddy/husband. He picks up the slack and helps me. :)

Our little girl moves like a gymnast. Acrobatic moves all day. Not just kicks... but, arms and legs rolling around all day. If I touch my stomach or anything does she bats it away.

I'm so very excited to be meeting her soon!

My stats to date:
32.5 weeks 
18 lbs gained (This number will only increase quickly from this point on)
Still wearing some my regular clothes as well as maternity. I would just like to wear pajama pants all day if I could. ;)
New obsession: Honey Crisp apples with caramel sauce. YUM! And the apples have to be cold.
Ice cream, bean and cheese burritos, pasta, chicken pitas with feta cheese (pasteurized - relax people), and zucchini fries. 
Baby room is complete expect drapes. 
Clothes newborn - 6 months are washed. Working on 9-12 months.

Updated pic:
I go back to the doctor next Friday. Will update on my 34 week blog.

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