Wednesday, September 23, 2015

30 weeks // baby girl // countdown mode.


30 weeks has arrived. 10 weeks OR SOONER until we meet our little girl. I had both boys early. Jake, at 38.5 weeks, and Asher at 36.5 weeks. So... my doctor has a feeling that we will see her around the same.

I went to my 30 week appointment and saw our little one. She's already head down! woo hoo! This could mean VBAC part 2. Some doctors look at it as a normal vaginal birth (after one successful VBAC), and others will always consider it a VBAC. Either way... a safe delivery is the most important thing. I've been through both, and would do either.

My due date is November 30. She is measuring a week and a half early just like the boys. She is an estimated 3.5 lbs already. The doctor said she has a good size head, so she's happy she's facing down already. She may just stay! Here's to hoping. I don't feel kicking as much as the feeling of her sticking out of my body. I feel body parts all the time. And more rolling motions. She's VERY active.

I have pretty easy pregnancies. But, this one has had more challenges. I believe it's because of the lack of rest I get chasing after my boys. I have developed an "irritable uterus" and now am forced to lay down after 6pm. The fear is complete bed rest or medication to stop contractions. Since I had both boys early (and especially Asher at 36.5 weeks), we are trying to limit lifting, exercise, and just relax when I can. It is almost impossible being a stay at home mom, with kiddos that only go to school part of the day, or part time. But, I'm doing better with my neat freak ways, and Grant as well as Amelia (our babysitter - who is like a little sister to me) are helping me at night.

The pain sensation that I feel is lots of pressure. It feels like my stomach gets extremely tight, and the only way to relieve it is to lay down... and on my left side. Even sitting down doesn't relieve the feeling. It's like a balloon filling with too much air and is about to pop. That's the best way I can describe it. It happens in the evening especially after I've had an active day. Some nights it doesn't happen... but, for the most part it does. The more rest I can get during the day, means a better evening.

But, other than that... everything is the same as the boys. Everything is going as planned... I don't get sick... I have energy... and we're back on the heartburn train. Looks like this baby could have lots of hair as well? hehe. We shall see soon enough.

Here is an updated picture of me...
And also, a picture of me at 30 weeks with all three of my pregnancies.

Jake - 29/30
 Asher - 30/31
Baby girl - 34/35
Pretty similar? I think so. I've gained about 17 pounds... but, I know after 30 weeks is when I gain the most weight. I'm trying to eat healthy along with wanting ice cream, skittles, and fried pickles. haha. 

Hope you all have a great week!

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