Friday, October 25, 2013

Jake's 1st field trip. Pumpkin Patch.

Today I accompanied Jake's preschool class on their first field trip. There are 12 kids in Jake's class, and 10 parents came along. There was the teacher, and aide all there as well. Every student had an adult. It was very organized, and well put together. Even for that many 3 year old kiddos. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Jake's school? Before we left the entire class prayed for safe travels, and a great trip. ADORABLE. :)

Here are some pictures of the class and fun!

At school before we left...
Mrs. Conroy and Jake.
 Jake and his best friend Blake.
 At the pumpkin patch...
 Goofing around with the class.
 Special group of kids. :)
 J and B.
 Petting zoo.
Such a fun day with my son. I remember my field trips as a child, and my mom going on all of mine if they didn't conflict with my brothers (we were also 17 months apart). Such a special time spent today. Excited for more memories together.

Happy Weekend!

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