Friday, October 25, 2013

Asher 18,19, and 20 months old!

The older my little men get, the busier we become! Before I turn this blog into a book, I wanted to update Asher. After all, it will be his baby book. Of course I am still expanding... but, at least this will be a book from pregnancy to 20 months old! It's kind of hard to believe how fast time is going by. I totally feel like it's going faster this time around. These little dudes keep this mommy on her toes! 

Here is Asher at his 18 month baby well. 
Weighing in at 32.5 pounds, and reaching 36 inches... we are almost going to be able to take him on Disneyland BIG boy rides?! 

He's a good eater, and loves his milk. He's chatting more and more and building his vocabulary. He likes puzzles, basketball, Jake and the Neverland Pirate, Peter Pan, Toy Story, cars, trains, Play Doh (even though he eats it some times), bubbles, and Superhero's. He loves everything Disney, just like his older brother.  He loves to color, paint, and play with chalk. 

Even though he's great with straws... he still LOVES his baba. Hmm. I guess I should take that away, huh? I will when he's 2! Jake went all the way to 2 with a bottle as well. :)

He's strong, loving, and not easily pushed around. He loves his brother so very much! Everything Jake does, so does he. Asher definitely is his own little man. I love seeing how independent he is becoming. When we drop Jake off at school he cries. He wants to play and be with the other kids. Grant and I have decided that he'll start school next fall when he's 2 1/2 like his brother. They will be one grade apart. :)

Waiting patiently for his shots. All three of us got shots that day. Jake and I got flu shots also!

This little guy is so curious about the toilet. He's curious because he brother goes in the potty. My goal this month is to spend a little time in there with him... perhaps he'll start going in the potty as well? Wouldn't that be cool? A potty trained BOY at 20 months?
 Munchkin and mama.
 He is so silly! He loves to dress up and have fun!
 Starting to cut his hair on the regular. I was worried it would take away his curls... nope!
 Too cute!!
Asher and Jake dress up everyday. It's so cute to see them run around and take on the character! Their imagination is so cute and clever.
The love between these 2 is so strong!
 Future heartbreaker.
 Sleepy baby.
Brother puzzle time.
 This little man has my heart as well. Surrounded by all these boys that love me. I guess you can say I feel pretty fortunate and blessed.

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