Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012, party of 4... Check! Last year I was pregnant with Asher, this year... we have another Stone boy. :)

Having two boys is so much fun. I knew I wanted to do something fun, and a little similar. I didn't want to make a big deal out of what they wore. They're boys... and Jake would rather be naked then wear something that was heavy or bulky anyhow. Jake was thrilled to put that uniform on. He kept saying, "wow... wow, mama!" Too cute. Asher is a big boy. He's pushing a 24 month onesie, and he mainly wears 2T shirts. I don't like putting kids in too tight of clothes. Anyhow, I was looking through Pinterest (the greatest, yes?) and saw the cutest pairing... a football player, and a football! 

I was originally going to do a basketball player and a basketball, but it was so much harder to find, and I know I didn't have time to make the costumes. Jake's was easy to find... and Asher's is all from Etsy and Gap. 

So, with that... I have my little football family! 
My football.
 My football player.
 Things got better when they sat how they wanted to. HA!
 Then Eloise came over. Pretty little ballerina! She's 12 weeks old. :)
 Pretty girl!
 Photo ham...
 Handsome boys...
 Jake had fun trick AND treating. He ended up eating WAY more candy then I would have liked... but, it was Halloween after all! Once he finally went to bed (almost at 9pm), I hid the candy. I plan on donating it to the troops! Anyhoo.... hope everyone had a great Halloween! xo

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