Sunday, June 3, 2012

Grant's 33rd Birthday - Red Solo Cup theme.

I forgot to post about Grant's birthday party last weekend. I threw Grant a party with his closest friends, over the holiday weekend. There was about 30 people and 15 toddlers and infants! It was a busy backyard/house. It was so neat seeing all of the growing families. It made me smile throughout the day. It was a fun day, and weekend in general.

I had Super Mex cater the party, and I made a dessert table. The dessert table backfired with Jake only eating cookies, and licorice the entire day. ;) But, he wasn't the only kiddo. Swing set, and candy was the biggest hit for them!

It was so fun, and Grant had a blast (more importantly)! Grant took advantage of his birthday being a holiday weekend. We celebrated all weekend long. I can't complain though... I had fun also. We even managed a little Disneyland trip as well!

The theme of Grant's birthday was "red solo cup". I like to give all my parties themes... and I thought this theme would be fun for my husbands birthday as well as for Memorial Day weekend. It was an easy going party with easy going people. I made banners, and print out for Grant's theme.

Here are some pictures from my phone (until I can get to my home computer).

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