Friday, March 30, 2012

Asher's Sprinkle

I have the best friends. So many thoughtful women that support and love me. They are truly like my sisters. Most of them are actually my sorority sisters. Friendships for over 12 years! I'm lucky.

My friend Liz, Danielle, and Kristy decided to throw me a "Sprinkle" to celebrate baby Asher. I didn't want to have a shower since this was my second boy. I didn't need a shower. I have all that I need from Jake. I barely had just put Jake's stuff away... But, my girlfriends came to me and said they wanted to celebrate amongst my best friends. Just to celebrate another beautiful life! So, I of course agreed. How nice is that?

The girls put together such a wonderful afternoon! Good food, yummy dessert, my closest girlfriends, and my grandma was even in town... how perfect was that? I had so much fun! I'm so glad my girlfriends all got together to celebrate Asher! Asher is very lucky to have such wonderful aunties!
 Grant and I were almost going to name Asher, Duke. I actually had some stuff made in that name... But, then... we made a decision on Asher the week before my sprinkle.
 Kristy wasn't able to attend. She was VERY sick. Poor thing! She was missed!
 My grandma! She's tiny... but mighty! I missed my momma though! At least I had one of them there! :)

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