Sunday, March 11, 2012

2 weeks old (March 9)

These last 2 weeks have been great. My mom left last week, so this was my first week home alone with my two boys. It's been awesome. And you really feel accomplished when both are fed, napping, happy and your all showered and relaxing. ;)
I feel great! The VBAC was the best thing I could have done. The first week was the toughest, but I still felt good overall! I was able to do anything and everything I wanted. I had to have reminders to slow down because I tend to push myself. My body is naturally going back to its "normal" shape. I know breastfeeding helps as well. But, not being cut into has been a faster healing process. Exactly why I did it. Lots of people thought I was crazy to do it. But, the success rate it quite high. And the end result is what is happening to me currently. I hope more women try to attempt a VBAC, especially if they NEVER wanted a c section. 

Jake is adjusting so well to his little brother. He loves on, kisses, and rubs him. I try not to make anything a big deal. Jake still gets lots of my time. I put Ash down once he falls to sleep and immediately pick up Jake, or play with him. He isn't even affected by it. At first he would try to lay on me while Ash was... but, I put him next to me and rub him too. Grant and I really make sure that Jake is happy and adjusting.

I'm so happy. I love my boys so much! I feel so loved, and I have so much love to give. Being a wife and a mother has truly been a blessing. I thank God everyday for my life. I just feel so lucky to be able to stay home and take care of the people that matter most to me. I am also well taken care of. Grant is so helpful! He helps me when I'm tired and not feeling well. This past week I got sick and have been struggling a little with that. Grant picks up the slack with Jake when he's home from work, and help with Asher in the middle of the night. These boys have such a great role model to look up to. :)

Asher has been eating every 2-3 hours. During the day this is good... but, at night this does get a little tiring. Jake was the same way. Last night Asher slept well. His longest stretch was from 3:30 until 7:30am. And he woke up STARVING! ;)

Last weekend we took some family photos, and had Asher's newborn photos taken as well. Jake and Asher did great! I can't wait to see them all! Here is a sneak peek that we got from our photographer! I warn you... Asher is quite the model! He's so pretty... I mean handsome. :)
 Hope you have a great Sunday!

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  1. He is just PERFECT! So adorable!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! :)


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