Saturday, November 19, 2016

Scarlett's WILD ONE Birthday Party!

Our littlest love turned one! This was time for a celebration! I had big parties for the boys, and wanted Scarlett to also have one.

I decided on a boho chic theme for the party (WILD ONE). I had a few decorations from an event at church I helped with (that was also a boho chic theme), so that worked out great!

My mom, little brother, my sis in law, and 2 nephews all flew into town for the occasion! Surrounded by our closest friends and family! What a special day.

The only bummer is that I was getting sick, and it was 90 degrees out! Southern California fall weather is brutal here. ha! I originally had everything outside, and then when the bounce house arrived it took the outdoor location. Kinda irritating, but moving everything inside wasn't so bad considering how hot it was outside. No one would have wanted melted dessert, right?

Here are some decorations my mom and I made. I also made most of the desserts. This was so much fun! Even though I have less time with 3 kids, 6 and under... I still made it work! And I think everyone had fun! I know my little family did!

Thank you for all that are in our lives. We love and appreciate you all!
Months 1-11 posted (will post 12 months this week also)
Main table. Head bands courtesy of Amazon for the little girls. 
 My mom made these! How adorable!
Orignial spot for dessert table... until the bounce house and heat took over! 
 Hung photos over the last year on 2 pallets my mom and I stained.
New location. Dessert table.
 These were so easy to make!
Cake topper - check! Flowers bought for cake and decor - check! I love simple! I love to spruce it up my way! I think it turned out great. Too bad she didn't want anything to do with it! ha!
 Birthday girl!
 Cake smash?
Until the next party! :)

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