Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fall fun!

Things have been pretty busy over here at the Stone house. As the kids get older I seem to be on the move a lot more. We have school, sports, social occasions (even my 2 year old has a social life), and lots of traveling to see family. It's hard for me to keep up with blogging because I don't get much time to sit in front of my laptop. I need a better app for my iPad. Any suggestions other than blogger? That doesn't seem to work on my iPhone or iPad.

Jake stopped napping around the time he turned 3. He will lay down after a busy day, but he won't actually go lay down in his room and nap. And now Asher is hitting the "no nap zone". The things I once could do when they were napping is no more. But, we have adjusted and I have figured out activities they can do to stay quite and rest. Asher will nap from time to time... just not every day. Bedtimes are usually around 7/730pm. So, I at least I know they get a full night of rest. And it's still early enough for Grant and I to enjoy a little alone time too.

The boys started sharing a room after lots of conversations about it. We have a 4 bedroom house, but they want to be in the same room. Jake has his full size bed, and Asher has his toddler bed. Although they fall asleep next to each other in Jake's bed. We move Asher to his own bed, after he is fast asleep. I figure this would be the time before they want their space from each other. They are very close. They go to the same school (one grade apart), they play the same sports (as of now), like the same cartoons and toys (which of course means buying 2 of the same thing), and even have the same friends (they do have their own little buddies in their classrooms though). I try not to lump them together, this is all their doing. When they aren't together they're asking for each other.
We just got back from 2 weeks in Boise. I love going to Boise for so many reasons. I absolutely love it there. But, now... I love it even more. Seeing how much my boys love it. This was a special trip. The older my boys get, the more we enjoy traveling, and seeing things through their eyes. It's truly amazing. 

We celebrated Halloween together, and took in real fall weather. Living in Southern California the weather rarely gets all that cold. It was a nice change. 

Here are my little Ninja Turtles.
 Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Jake from State Farm.
 Silly boys!

 Trick or treating in Boise is pretty cool. The neighbors actually dressed up!
 Football with uncle D! These boys have a special relationship. Jake and Dylan are super close. They're 7 years apart. Dylan is one of the most amazing little boys I have ever met. He's so loving, patient, and caring for my little stinkers. He's a good student, and an amazing golfer. I know that this relationship between these boys will be special... forever.
 For birthday's that weren't celebrated together this fall, my mom made sure it was still celebrated. Jake (9.1), me (9.13), and my dad (10.12).
 My grandma has had 2 back surgeries in 1 month. The boys went and saw her daily. The boys are total care givers. Here's Asher pushing her through the halls.
Another day of visiting and pushing GG around.
 Great grandma love.
 OBSESSION. Dutch Bros. Enough said.
 Grant only came for a few days. I was there for 2 weeks with the littles. I try and see my family as often as I can. We missed Grant at this dinner.
I flew both ways with the boys. They did great. Leaving is always the hardest part. Lots of tears from all. Even though I want to ball when heading out and saying our last goodbyes, I have to keep a stiff upper lip for Jake. He kept saying the whole way home (and everyday for that matter), that he misses his uncle D. Last night he even got teary eyed telling me he missed him. UGH. Good news is we'll be seeing them in a few weeks! WE ALL CANT' WAIT!

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