Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer 2014 - catching up!

We've been so busy these past few months, so I haven't been able to blog. Every I sit down, I realize I forgot to do something and I get back up again. Going forward I'll be more consistent. And this blog will get a little more fancy with time. Until then... Here we go!

Brace yourself... this is going to be a long post!

So... what have we been up to? Jake finished his first year of preschool. He has another year in preschool before TK (pre-kindergarten). Asher will start this August (pre-school). They will both go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am - 12:30pm. CRAZY! I'll have my 2 babies in school!! Time is seriously flying by. I have a 3 1/2 year old, and a 2 year old. WOW!

First day...
 Last day...
In order to catch up, I'll try to post some pictures of what we've been up to. 

Let's start with Grant and I celebrating our 5 year anniversary! 
Grant planned a trip for us to Napa and then San Francisco. It was amazing. We had a blast. It was so relaxing and super fun. I already miss it, and want to go back. Or perhaps move there. ;)
One morning we got up... drank coffee... And walked to the Oxbow Market in downtown Napa. We tasted cheeses and meats, and then bought some of our favorites.  We ended up having a little picnic at one of the wineries later that day. It was so nice walking around this beautiful city.
 On way to dinner one night.
 One of my fave wines... Silver Oak.
 Silver Oak again.
Last night out... In San Francisco. This has always been one of my favorite cities. I used to travel here every few months for my custom figure skates as a child with family, and then as an adult one of my territories was the Bay area. That brought me there once or twice a month. Such a great city! It was nice to enjoy that with my hubby.
While we were away for a few days... this pretty girl watched our boys. WE LOVE HER DEARLY!!
We got home on a Wednesday, and that Friday we went on a family stay-cation to Palm Springs. We stayed at The Riviera Hotel. It was a lot of fun! We do at least one stay-cation a year. Who doesn't when you live in Southern California? We live 3 miles from the beach. Every day could potentially be a vacation... if I could handle all of that sand. ha ha. ;)

My boys.
 Bubbles on the balcony.
 My family.
Then we celebrated Mother's Day on the last day there. My gift from Jake was this picture frame. How amazing is this? 
And then Grant gave me Flowers. ;)
Jake ended his first year of preschool with a performance. I thought he would be the shy one. NOPE! He was the one that was singing and dancing like a wild man. I was so proud. They sang "Baby Beluga" by Raffi. 
 Jake with his teacher.
Jake and his partner and crime... Blake.
Then we had one of our favorite charity events. The Blue Martini Ball. Raising money for Feed the Children of Long Beach.
And then we went to Oklahoma last week to visit Grant's family. We flew into OKC and drove with Renzi to Grand Lake (I believe it was about 3 hrs of driving once we landed). Asher took it the hardest, but once we arrived he was back to normal. Renzi and LeeAnne have a lake house there, and set up 2 other lake houses for our family (CA Stones), and Grant's sisters family as well.
We made it!
 Jake with nana. Grant's mom.
 Sibling's with their kiddos.
 Jake and Walker.
 Cousins. Yes... all boys!
 On Father's Day, Grant took the boys fishing. Jake caught his first fish... with a little help from his dad! ;)
 LeeAnne and I even had a little fun. I don't remember what this jump was called or how high it was.... but, if our 2 year old kiddos could do it... so could we!
 Jackson and Jake.
 Jackson and Asher.
 Nana and a few of the boys.
 Jake liked sitting on his nana's lap. It was very sweet.
 This is what Asher looked like once we landed at LAX. 1 1/2 hr car ride to airport, almost an hour flight to Dallas, and then almost 3 hour flight to LAX. And then we landed at the height of traffic. haha. We were happy to be home. We ALL slept good that night!
Thanks for stopping by our new blog and reading about what we've been up to. Hope everyone is having a great summer so far! 
Blessings to all!

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