Thursday, November 7, 2013

No pants. No problem.

Today was my weekly Bible study/mom's group at my church. They are so well organized and efficient. I have to say... it's really nice. Last year I didn't do it, because Asher was so little, but this year I was ready! Asher goes in the toddler room, and Jake goes in the preschool tree house room. I also am the room mom for preschool room. Not sure what exactly I have to do... but, it's a lot of crafting, organizing, planning for their room, etc for the kiddos. I guess I'll find out more next week... ;)

10 minutes before our group study ended I had someone come and get me. The girl said that Jake went up to her and told her that he had to go to the bathroom. So, she took him to the bathroom, but he couldn't get his button undone in time and he had an accident. She came to get me for extra pants. I didn't have any, so I decided to just take him home. She said he was running around with a pull up on (I had the extra undies in my diaper bag that I had on me... but, he hasn't had any accidents so I didn't leave the bag behind).

I guess there is a liability with them pulling the kids pants down? No clue. I will also look more into that so I can prepare Jake for the rules with the bathroom. That's what I get for putting the boys in designer jeans. They are a pain to get off. Next week... loser or elastic pants. ;)

Anyway, when I went to get him he was running around with his pull up on not even affected by it. He was having a blast with his buddies.

Here is my little crazy man...
 Lego heart.
On way to get Ash.
Asher also didn't have any shoes on when I went on got him. Talk about making yourself at home with my kids. Sillies love going to church! :)
Happy Thursday everyone!

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