Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jake's 3rd Birthday!

I was going to start the blog on this weeks ago. Yes, weeks. Jake had his last celebration on Sunday. I told myself this year it would be a little more mellow. And I didn't my usual party planning craziness. But... we celebrated the day before his birthday on the 31st (with my parents), day of, at his school (last Friday), and a little barbecue on Sunday. Phew.

I have to say... even though we had several parties, I did manage to keep it low key. I did feel weird not going all out. But, with traveling I just couldn't do it all. Since I had a big birthday for Jake's 2nd birthday, I'll have a big 2nd birthday party for Asher. And then another BIG party at the age of 5? How does that all work? Big parties every year? Let's see how that all turns out. The bigger they get the more activities we have. It gets easier, but busier. ha.

On to the first of his celebrations!

Party in Boise!
Then Asher wanted his picture taken in the same spot.
Then smores on his birthday...
It was a good birthday in Boise... all were passed out!
Lastly, cupcakes to celebrate my birthday before we left. Jake thought it was still his birthday. I let him think it. Happy birthday, buddy!
On Friday, September 13th, there was a party for Jake at his school. So, I was able to bring mini cupcakes and sit in his class. I was able to stay for about an hour and help the teacher as well. He was so happy to see me. And I was thrilled to have this special time with him.
When I arrived Jake had a hat, a birthday sticker, and a "leader of the day" sticker. Jake was helping teach all the students colors, shapes, and help organize the classroom. I'm such a proud mom!
Jake of course loved the attention. I love his school so much!
While I went to their recess, the teacher told me that Jake had a best friend. Jake had never mentioned Blake, so this was all new to me. Later when Jake got home, I asked him about Blake. I said, "Jake, is Blake your buddy?" Jake quickly said, "yes, mom! I want to see Blake at school tomorrow!" And then he asked for Blake to come over. Too funny! 
Water table fun at school. Watching Jake run around, smile, laugh, and play with other kids made me so happy. This just confirms how much I LOVE his school. I like all the principles it stands for and all that he is learning. Seeing sheer joy on his face solidifies it. I'm so blessed to be able to go and participate any day of the week. I can't wait to volunteer for all his field trips this year! Who's more excited, right? ;)
The last birthday celebration was a small barbecue at our house... 
It's safe to say my boys have a happy life. 

Enjoy your week!

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