Monday, September 16, 2013


Boise is such a great city! I love going to Idaho to visit my family. It's so much slower paced, and easy. People are so friendly where ever you go! Very different from Southern California.

We had a blast as usual, and were VERY sad to leave. Instead of the leaving process getting easier with time (my parents have been in Boise for almost 9 years), it is getting harder. It's getting harder because I'm not only wiping my tears away as we say goodbye, I'm also wiping my sons tears away. Saying good bye is hard. And since we've been home Jake has been asking to go back. EVERYDAY! Even though we are going to see my parents for Thanksgiving, how do I explain that to Jake... everyday? He gets so sad... And I do too. :(

My cousin Bryan is up in Boise now playing professional hockey, so we were able to hang out with Bryan every day as well. So many smart, handsome men in my family. Jake and Asher had so much fun! It was so cool seeing all of these boys play, talk, hang out, and love on each other. I'm so lucky to have them all in my life. 

We went to parks, golf course, new restaurants, old favorite restaurants, barbecued, popcorn movie nights (sorry for all the Peter Pan family), drank wine, watched the kids play golf, soccer, and football. 

My first glass watching the sunset, as the boys were playing football. The weather was perfect! The view is gorge... yea, I had a good time! ;)
Jake and Asher loved playing outside!
Dylan is the best uncle. My kids adore him so much! 
Since Bryan is playing in Boise, he's staying with my parents. The boys got spoiled with attention for their cousin and uncle!
One day I decided to see how Asher's hair would look in pig tails... I think adorable! He didn't agree and yanked them out! ;)
Jake and pop pop always take this same pic!
Football... football... and more football!
Best buds.
Wrestling, football, and Superheros.
We went for sushi, and Asher was totally into it. 

Football at sunset.
We even had the chance to see Dylan play!
The boys loved my dad's golf cart. 
Stone boys.
My little brother is getting so big! He's 10 now!!
Bry and Ash.
More bubbles... this time with ya ya!
Dylan did everything with the boys. I'm so lucky! Love this.
The girls even got to sneak in a little wine tasting at my fave spot up in the Pacific Northwest. 
Momma and I.
My last day...
This broke my heart. Both boys crying. I was crying. My mom was crying. Asher was crying, because he was stuck in the stroller. ;)
And this trip I got a little smarter. What to do with 2 toddlers on a plane? DVDs, snacks (my core snacks), books, STICKERS (lots and lots!), crayons, cars, and.... LOLLIPOPS! It gets a little sticky with the youngest... so, bring extra wipes! 
Counting down until I see them again... THANKSGIVING! 

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