Friday, August 30, 2013

Potty Training Success!

I started this blog at week one, but then I was too busy with everything going on to continue the blog. I went into delete what I wrote over 2 weeks ago, but I thought I should keep a little of it. I started my first sentence with this, " I want to start out by saying that this process is quite confusing, tiring, and messy." Thought that was funny looking back. Mainly because I started potty training during a very busy time for Grant at work, and my entire house got sick... Grant even had strep throat! But, now we are pretty much potty trained. It was only tough the first few days... and the process has actually been pretty easy! The only time he wears diapers is at nap time and bedtime. And he fights me to put them on then. He doesn't really pee over nap time, but sometimes he pees during the night. I'll keep the diapers a little longer during rest periods.
Pull ups aren't used. I will be using them on our plane ride soon though... just in case. But, other than that, he tells us when he has to go. Or he'll actually just go to the restroom himself.

Here's what the first week looked like:

Tuesday (1st day), he had 2 accidents at school. I had to go and bring him another change of clothes (on top of the change that's always there). I felt terrible for him that he had accidents, but the teacher assured me how common it was, and that he wasn't even affected by it. When I got to the school he was wearing a pair of My Little Pony shoes (spare from the school). He was cool with it, because they lit up! ;)

Wednesday, we had a super busy day and weren't even home... So, I decided to hold off until Thursday. I'm pretty sure that was a mom fail.

Thursday, we started again. Jake had no accidents. He held his pee for the 3 hours he was at school. On the way home I put him in a pull up, and when we got home he peed in it before I could take it off. hmm. Then the rest of the day (not including nap or bedtime), he was only in underwear. He LOVES to wear underwear, and LOVES to sit on the toilet, but no actual pee in the toilet as of yet. He had accidents in his underwear.

Friday - Sunday, Jake started peeing and pooping in the toilet. Lots of M&M's and new, cool, big boy underwear!! Grant had strep throat so the potty training was all up to me. But, we made it through!
Last week, Jake went to the potty 2 times each day he was at school, and had no accidents. I had pull ups (over his underwear) on car rides, and at restaurants. And he went to the bathroom on his own.

This week, he's going to the bathroom on his own, and telling us when he has to go number 2. It's been so hot this week, so he's walking, and playing in his undies. It really is so cute. They have so many cute underwear for them to wear, and make it fun.
And now this little guy is taking off his diaper and insisting on underwear as well... Should I be potty training an 18 month old too? Thoughts?!

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