Thursday, August 11, 2011

Naughty Napper... Jake Stone

It's never a dull moment here at The Stone house. Jake is strong willed... and clever. I mean... he's so smart. And that scares me. He just figures things out and quickly I might add. So, with this intro I shall not delay. 

Jake Stone the escape artist is also Jake Stone the naughty napper. The last 2 days Jake hasn't really been napping. He's tired, but he refuses to lay down. We all remember the pictures of the video monitor I posted, right? Sleeping sitting up? Well, my strong willed child is now refusing naps. And he's tired folks. I know he's tired. He yawns, rubs his eyes, and gets a little fussy. Yep, he's tired. So, this morning I let him get REALLY tired. We ate, went on our morning walk, I chased him all over the front room... The tired monkey started with the yawning, etc. At about 9:30am I put him down. He slept for an hour and a half! yay! So, then this afternoon I thought he was back on his nap track. My napper was back! WRONG.

I put him down for his afternoon nap and he laid down with his little blankey while I rubbed his back. He looked up at me and smiled and started talking! NO! I thought... he is supposed to sleep... Even though it's super cute... I want him resting, so he isn't cranky. I waited him out. He closed his eyes. I walked out of the room. I'm so darn tired so I came down stairs and laid on the couch. About to close my eyes.... and... I hear banging. I look through the video monitor and there he is. Smiling in the monitor. Grant nailed the monitor above his bed. Safely so that he couldn't grab it in his crib. Well, my (tall) little guy managed to put his arm through the crib and pull the cord. However, the monitor is nailed to the wall. So he grabbed the cord (which was up pretty darn high and behind his crib, and started playing. And my naughty napper was talking and looking into the monitor. 

What was he saying? Well, lots of babbling and a few ma ma's! But, pretty sure he knows by playing with that cord I'm going to walk in there and get him. How did he find that cord? How did he reach it? How does he know to smile in the monitor (he's also been doing that since day one)? 

Looks like I have my hands full over here ladies and gentlemen. I better go. He's crawling toward me... looks like its time for a game of chase! 

Until next time. 

- Escape Artist/Naughty Nappers mommy


  1. You're making me miss my boys being that young! I know it's hard on mama, but what a cute story!

  2. My son was never a great napper. He was down to one nap a day before he was a year old. Instead of fighting for two naps, I would keep him up and feed him at around 11 am and then put him down at around 11:30. The full belly helped him sleep longer and then he would have a snack (or a mini meal) when he woke up. Good luck!

    Found you on bloggymoms. Your newest follower!



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