Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mornings with Jake.

I've been slacking a little on the blogging because I've been keeping Jake outside and busy. Summer has been pretty mild and I'm happy about that. The funny thing is that September seems to be the hottest time of year. Only true Californians know that. So, I take advantage of the outdoors while its in the 70s. Jake is used to the sunscreen ordeal I make him go through. ;) Since I have gone through all the skin cancer scares and I have still more removals to go I keep my little guy outside, but with some sunscreen on. Ok, I just put it on his little legs, arms, and face. It really isn't an ordeal. :)

My little character.
Jake and I go on a walk every morning. I pack him up and give him his morning bottle, grab the dog, and were off! Our morning walk is peaceful. It's quite, suns not exactly up, and no one is around. It's my favorite part of the day. We walk around the peninsula and just take in all the sounds. Birds, waves, and boats clanking together. It gets so crowded and loud during the day so it's nice to be alone out there. I find I take this time to talk with Jake, and pray. This is a picture from my morning walk.

I'm in full swing with planning on Jake's birthday. I've already sent out invitations (expect for family... I'm waiting on photos from our last shoot to send to them). Cupcakes, smash cake, and birthday shirt are ordered! The picture below is after my first trip to Michael's. I bought some pre made stuff, but the majority of the decorations I will be making. Jake's birthday theme is "Mickey Mouse Club". Jake ADORES Mickey Mouse! And more than anything else the "Hot Dog Dance"... So, we're having a "Mickey - Hot Dog Dance themed birthday"... sounds interesting, right? Just wait... It's going to be great! 
Just a few things....
 In the afternoons I finish up laundry. Jake loves to help. He grabs stuff out of the basket and even puts things back into the basket. What a little helper. The picture below he's just taking a break watching Mickey.
It's been busy for us... but, I will make sure to keep the pictures and posts coming. Jake has been keeping me busy with his escape tactics. This kid is such a problem solver. He can actually break out of his baby gates. And yes, I bought the extra long, extra tall ones. Hmm. He understands how to unlatch, and how to push the gate forward so that the edges pull forward... Once he pushes the gate forward enough he takes off doing about 100 MPH around the edges. It's actually becoming more challenging to get him. He's quick. I have to watch this kiddo. He's cleaver.

Have a great day all!


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