Monday, August 1, 2011

11 months old

This is the last month that he is under a year old. Starting September 1st, Jake will be a year old. I can technically start saying years. It's so crazy to think that this is just flying by as it is. It's been an amazing year. Being a mother of Jake Bowman Stone. I am a mother. A stay at home around the clock mommy. I wouldn't trade my life for the world. Children are a true blessing. I'm thankful that God gave Jake to me.

I know we all think are children are amazing and smart. I am one of those moms. It's because everything he does amazes me and I'm just so proud of who he is becoming.

Last week when Jake was sick he was still a happy little guy. His personality is really shinning. Here are a few things about Jake.

1. He loves to give kisses. If you ask for a kiss he comes directly in for a big one! Such a lover!
2. He's finally cutting a tooth! I see it coming in.
3. If he gets frustrated or angry he puts his arms in the air and throws them down. Then he looks back to see if I'm looking and does it again.
4. He likes what he likes. No way anyone is going to talk this kid into doing something.
5. He LOVES hanging upside down.
6. He's trying to walk everywhere... not there just yet though. He get so excited when he gets moving... He looks for Grant and I and puts both his arms in the air and waits for us to say "BIG BOY".
7. He talks a lot. Rambling and laughing. The house is full of life.
8. He's a big boy like his daddy. He's wearing 2T size clothes.
9. Loves water. That kid could play in water for hours.
10. He's really starting to understand what I'm saying and he listens. When I remove the tray from his high chair he tries to climb out. I say, "sit down Jake", and he sits back down. But, tries again when my back is turned.... sneaky kiddo!
11. He knows his mama from his daddy and will call for us specifically.
12. Pretty sure he's a lefty. Everything he does (and has done since the beginning) is with his left hand.

Anyway, there is much more with my precious little one. But, here is what he's up to now. Next month I will turn my blog into his baby book. Very excited to do that. I have been planning this since I was pregnant with him.

Taking pictures of him gets increasingly hard... but, I keep trying. He just loves to play and get into things. Sitting still isn't his cup of tea.
Then he started getting upset because I wouldn't let him have the camera! 
 Then he got over it and started smiling again! 

Love my little guy!


  1. He's such a cutie! And what a great idea for a baby book!!

  2. You have such a beautiful family! :) He is adorable! :)


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