Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jake's Dedication and our Boise trip. (Part one.)

This trip was especially special to Grant and I. Not only having family together, but getting our son dedicated. We decided to have the pastor that married us in 2009 dedicate our son. He has prayed for us and continues to pray for us. He is an incredible man. A man that Jake will look up to. When I am in town we go to the church on Sunday's. This is a special church to Grant and I. My parents, my grandma, and Grant's mom where all there as well. It was so special. I cried 8 times during the service. Tears of pure joy! So proud of my little man already! He is such a good baby. He looked right at the pastor and smiled at him. Not scared at all. Smiled on the stage to all the people looking at him. 

This has been a trip to remember! So many wonderful things have been going on. I'm so thankful for everything in my life. I know I say it a lot... but, I feel truly blessed. I'm so happy! :)

Here are some pictures from our trip so far (I'm actually still here):
Great Grandma Hodges.

Little scratch never hurt no one! ;) My little toughie!
Jake's play area at his grandparents house. 
The boys! Getting ready to golf.
LOVES the most random things!
Grandmother Stone and Jake.
Sheriff Jake in town! 
Grant throwing the football to the boys in the front!
My little family of 3. :)

4 generations.
Pop Pop with the boys.

Pastor Tom praying for Jake. 
The guys have been playing golf everyday. The girls have been shopping, cooking, sitting outside, and site seeing. We've even hung out with friends that moved here from college. It's been very relaxing. I love it here. Sitting in my parents backyard, music playing, laughing, and staring at the golf course! It stays light until about 10pm! Seriously, it really does! Jumping on the golf course at any hour to hit some balls. Yes, please! So fun!

Grant went home last night. I was sad to see him leave. I come home this weekend. It will be sad to leave, but I know another trip will be in the making!

More pictures to come! I still need to download the 4th of July and other pictures.


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