Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Scarlett Ann - Twelve and Thirteen Months

This post comes a little late in posting... But, I don't want to leave anything out on blogging about Miss. Sassy.

12 months brought 5 teeth, 19.11 lbs (50%), and 31 inches (100%). She can say mama, dada, hi, waves, give kisses, clap, sass, and much more. She's adorable in every way.

We celebrated her all month long! I will have separate blogs for all that we did for the holidays! But, until then... here are a few photos from her at 12 months, and 13 months.

Our sweet girl.
At her doctor's appointment for her first year baby well.
13 months moved right along. We went from her first birthday, to Thanksgiving, and then right into Christmas! It was a busy season for us. But, it was incredible!

Little mama got all the Frozen stuff a baby could ask for. :)
 She loves to cuddle with mommy!
My babies.
At 13 months our girl LOVES FROZEN!

I mean... LOVES Frozen. Even if she's in mid cry... I can turn on the movie and she starts to dance. It's adorable. 

She doesn't like to be confined. This girl is a mover and a shaker. She likes to walk around, talk, and get into things. She doesn't like the car seat or stroller. Anything that can hold her back makes her cranky. It makes driving and shopping super fun! HA HA. She's a busy, smart, and sassy girl. And I love everything about her.

Everything is moving much quicker with her. We are always busy now. I miss the days were I could leisurely take walks with the boys and not have anywhere to go. I make sure Scarlett and I are having our special time when the boys are at school, and all together.

Sweet babies of mine. :)

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