Saturday, December 10, 2016

Asher's Christmas play

My kiddos are constantly making us proud. In all different kinds of ways. It's incredible to see my babies grow into little boys. As much as I miss my 3 and 2 year old running through the house... and our biggest outings being the park, and Disneyland... I love seeing them grow. Elementary school, sports, birthday parties, etc. The conversations are more meaningful as they start to ask more in-depth questions as well. I feel so incredibly thankful for them. Think I may just go kiss one now! ha ha. I can just hear them... "mom, your so silly!"

Back to the blog about the Christmas play! HA! Asher was asked to be Angel Gabriel in the school's Christmas program. He brought home his lines and told me he already had it memorized and that he works on it at school. I'd try and get him to say his lines daily... and he would... quickly, and move on. No big deal kind of attitude. 

The day of the play, I made his costume, he had his run-through, and he was ready to go! 

So ready... that when the director of the school got up to pray and introduce everyone, he marched right up to her and asked for the microphone. Everyone started laughing... It was hilarious and so darn cute! He was excited to get the show started. 
Asher did a great job. I had tears of joy watching him. I'm such a sap since having kids! We are so proud of our kids. I hope they continue to participate and have fun in school events! 
Here are some of the pictures we took. We also have a video we bought from the school! I can't wait to see it this week sometime! 
 Asher and his teacher. She's amazing! We love all of the teachers we've had at this school. Very blessed to have had all but one teacher in this school. All fabulous. They love the Lord, our children, and education! The children have fun learning and playing! What more can a mom ask for?
 My supportive family! So lucky to have my uncle and aunt. We love them so very much!

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