Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Scarlett Ann - SIX months

Scarlett is 6 months
16.2 pounds (50%)
27 inches (90%)
Started crawling.
Started standing.
Sitting in high chairs at restaurants, and riding in the cart at Target and the grocery store. When she's not in the ergo with me.
 Sitting in a high chair at a restaurant. She sits in a high chair at home... but, this is a first at a restaurant.
Memorial Day... mommy love. She's such a mommy's girl. All things sweet... but, can be super sassy also. Love her so!
 First time in a cart also!
 Big brother Jake loving on her!
 Scarlett is OBSESSED with the doggies! Brady is used to the baby zone. This is his third and younger sibling. ;)
Lexi is OBSESSED with Scarlett too.
 Officially standing!
 Carrots, and fruit (pears, apples, and strawberries). All made by mommy. :)
 The boys creating a barrier. ha!
NO more pics mom!

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