Saturday, June 25, 2016

Letter to my daughter

Scarlett Ann,

You are the most precious thing I have EVER laid eyes on. It has taken me up until now to really believe you are actually here. I used to look at you and stare. I couldn't believe I had a little girl. I have dreamed about you since the moment I found out that I was pregnant. I knew you were a girl from that moment. I just had that feeling. When I had my 13 week ultrasound the doctor said she was pretty confident in saying you were a girl. I rushed over to where your father was working to show him the ultrasound and tell him. He smiled from ear to ear. You are our little princess.
I had a dream about you while I was pregnant. My dream was that your daddy was rocking you to sleep, and laid you down in your crib. You were wrapped in a yellow blanket, had dark straight hair, and had dimples. It was a peaceful and sweet dream. And when you were born you had dark straight hair, dimples, and the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Your hair is getting lighter, and it's very similar to Jake's. You are a combination of both brothers.
When I first laid eyes on you I thought you were perfect. My daughter. That never gets old saying. Everyone in this house adores you. Your brothers wake up and come directly to you. Kisses and hugs every morning, and through out the day. Your daddy holds you so proud! And there aren't enough words to describe my love for you.
You are SO verbal. Lots of babbling. And so incredibly loud. You have a voice. You love your kisses and snuggles. It's my favorite thing we do. You lean in to receive hugs and kisses... and make the sweetest sounds. You have the sweetest little noises since the day you were born. I remember telling your father how much I loved hearing your little sounds.

Sassy. That is you. Full of spirit! I have a feeling your going to run circles around these boys. You go crawling towards them, and try and follow them through the house also. Your already cruising furniture, and moving throughout the house. It won't be long until your walking. That makes me nervous. You crawl off... you'll look back at me, and continue on. Independent little one.
Brady and Lexi (our dogs) love you so much. You love them as well. You show your love by laying on them, pulling up on them, and pulling their hair. They're so patient with you. They lick you and lay next to you. Brady is the best. With all our babies. He's so protective.

You have the biggest smile, cutest dimples, and a contagious laugh. I hope to teach you a love for God, strength, loyalty, and love. I want you to know that no matter what, I'll always love you and be here for you.
Thank you for entering to my life dear little one. I love and adore you.

You are my sunshine,

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