Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hockey and Soccer

As the boys are getting older, they are getting busier and now we are beginning all the sports! It's so cool to see them become their own little people. Currently they are playing hockey, soccer, and swimming. My uncle, aunt, cousins, and even my cousins girlfriends have been so helpful with hockey.  Since my cousins are talented hockey players, and they are very involved in the Disney, they have guided us through the process. They have been coaching our little guys during the learn to skate program. I'm so incredibly thankful for all of them. The boys LOVE their cousins, aunt, and uncle. :)
 Being silly.
 My boys adore their uncle Phil.
 Kayla, Mitchell, and Jake.
 My little men.
Jake loves playing soccer. Asher wasn't old enough to play in this league. He was still able to run around with the kids and have fun. He can't wait to play next year!
 Buddies. Jake and Blake.
 The team.
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