Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Family pictures 2014

My favorite thing to do each year is our family photos. Even though each of my boys feels differently, I love documenting where we are as a family each year. The pictures are pretty darn amazing. I can't believe these boys below are mine.

As a mom of boys, I hope to raise strong men that love and respect others. Men that have a deep relationship with Christ, and have compassion for all. Men that are passionate about everything they do. Men that love their families and work hard and honest for everything they have. And of course much more. These boys make my heart skip a beat when they when they walk into the room. They have my heart for my whole life. I'm completely blessed because of them.

My oldest baby, Jake (4).
My caring/intuitive boy. 
 My youngest baby, Asher (2.5)
My silly/wild man!

Our family.
I heart this man. <3 p="">

Happiest of holidays to all my family and friends! 

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