Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflecting on 2009

What a year Grant and I had! We are very fortunate to have such wonderful families and friends to support and love us as we grow as a couple. We are looking forward to another year together!

Here are a few things that occurred this year for The Stones:

*Got married!
*Went to Vegas with friends!
*Grant turned 30!
*Wedding hopped for The Rohr's, The Gleeson's, and The Levenshus's.
*Several Temecula and Santa Barbara wine tasting trips (Like that isn't important?).
*Left Integra Electronics after 5 years with the company.
*Started Haute Affairs (
*Started going back to Saddleback Church (Rich Warren is truly an amazing Pastor).
*Lot's of concert in the parks, stroll and savors, dinner parties, beach days.
*I turned 29!
*Traveled to the following places:
Boise, Idaho (around 5 times)
Annapolis, Maryland
Ocean City, Maryland
Las Vegas, Nevada
Palm Springs, California
Grant: went to Miami and Naples Florida, Nashville, Tennessee
Brooke: I took a road trip to Boise, Idaho: Stopped in Nevada, Arizona, Utah!
Honeymoon in ANITGUA!!!

Phew!! What a year!!

Hope you have a great New Years Eve! Let's make Twenty Ten even better!

Love and Cheers,

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