Thursday, September 17, 2009

Like a fine wine...

...Better with age, right? ;)

Well, it's official... I'm 29 as of September 13th.

Saturday night we went to Wokcano in downtown Long Beach for dinner... and then out for dancing after.

On Sunday Marty and Ashley came over and we had lunch and ran around 2nd street at the car show. Later Grant had Fettuccine brought in with sprinkles cupcakes (My Mom every year would make that for my birthday). It was very sweet. So, we had dinner and watched a movie. What a perfect Sunday... what a perfect birthday! Thanks honey for everything!

Not to brag, but I must talk about my 2 gifts that Grant surprised me with also! A beautiful pair of Christian Louboutins, and a Louis Vuitton wallet/clutch! Totally surprised and thankful! I have the best husband!! xxoo

Here are some pictures from the weekend!


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