Thursday, February 25, 2016

Scarlett Ann - THREE months

Little mama is three months old.

She's been growing leaps and bounds, and just all around a happy go lucky baby! However, she was hit with a cold. Asher and Jake had runny noses that went away within a week, but Scarlett got it and it started going into her chest. No matter how clean I keep my house (and I'm a neat freak), and no matter how separate I tried to keep them, it still happened. 

Within 2 weeks, Scarlett has been to the doctor 4 times! The beginning stages of RSV (although she wasn't tested for RSV), and the start of an ear infection. She got antibiotics on Monday, and our girl is coming back into good health. 

The doctor said this is one of the longest/scariest cold seasons to date. And she said it's been particularly worse for the babies born with winter season with older siblings.

UMMM. YEP! When I had Jake he wasn't exposed to anyone other than us. And Asher was born when Jake was 17 months old and he wasn't in preschool yet. So, both boys didn't get their first illnesses until they were closer to a year. But, I do remember Jake always got sick after or during our traveling. But, it wasn't from siblings.

Anyhow, we are well into her three months of life, and loving every second with her!

Here are her sticker pictures for three months. 
Here are some pictures from over the month. 
Waiting in the car for her brother to get out of school.
Bumbo sitter.
My pretty girl.
7 boy cousins... and then Scarlett. :)
Doctor appointments that broke my heart. Still such a strong, and happy baby.
She is no longer taking breathing treatments... Thank goodness!
Cheers to a healthier week for all! 

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