Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Parties, Field trips and Bike-a-thons!

February was a busy month at the boys school. Between Valentines Day parties, 2 field trips, and then a Bike-a-thon! I feel like I was at the school as much as the boys. Such a joy watching these little men grow.

First we had the Valentines party. I volunteered in both classrooms.
Gifts and goodies for classmates.
 Gifts for teachers.
Handsome boys.
 Asher's teacher. Miss Nisbet.
 Jake's class. Miss Abraham's class.
 Next up... Field trips! Jake's was first. A trip to the market!
Best buds since they were 2 3/4. ;)
 Asher's field was the following week. They went to the El Dorado Nature Center, in Long Beach.
Finally, we had the Bike-a-thon to finish out the month!
Asher's class went first. Asher's theme was Ninja Turtles.
 Asher's class.
 "I'm going to win, mom!"
 Cutest turtle I ever did see!
 Ash with his class! Can you believe he's the youngest in his class?
Asher won!
 Jake's turn! Jake wanted to be a basketball player.
Jake's class.
 Jake with his class. Jake had 19 laps. He just smiled and laughed the entire time. He's seriously such a happy kid! He also got a ribbon for best decorated bike!
 What a fun month for these little dudes. :)

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