Saturday, March 20, 2010

A few things for our baby...

I'm noticing It's really hard to stay out of the stores once you know what your having... I just had to pick up a few things...

1. I went to the Cal State Long Beach store on 2nd St! Grant is always giving me gifts for the baby so I wanted to do the same. Since Grant played basketball for CSULB I decided to get a few things for our baby boy!

2. My new favorite store is Rascals to Rebels in Rossmoor. I went there to buy a gift for my friend Kelley's shower and ended up buying the cutest argyle socks!

3. Stopped in to Old Navy to check out what they had... walked out with these: (only $6)

Today I'm going to Kelley's baby shower! So excited for her and Sean. I will post pictures later!


1 comment:

  1. I was just in Rascals to Rebels... that store is amazing.

    Have you been on etsy? go ahead and search baby boy and see what you get.... I could be on there all day.


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